Why Does Cougars Have a Strong Sexual Desire?

If you have a relationship with a 20-year-old girl, you will definitely know the answer. Young women around the age of 20 are in the early stages of sex, and their understanding of sex is not deep enough. And they don't know their bodies. Most of the women at this stage are in the trial period and the exploration period.

The sexual stage of human beings is divided into three types, the initial stage, the middle stage of sexuality and the late stage of sexuality. The early sex is about 20 years old. The mid-sex is about 30-50 years old. Late sexuality is about 50 years old. In the early stages of sex, people still don't understand their bodies, and they don't know enough about sex. They are at a tentative stage. In the middle of sex, it is the peak period of sexual desire. At the stage, people have a clear understanding of their bodies. They are more open to sex and have a good sexual attitude. Because of the excessive secretion of hormones, people at this stage have a strong sexual desire. Late sexuality is the final stage of sexual life. At this stage, due to people's physical reasons, some stimulating activities can't keep up, and there will be situations where the heart is not enough. And the hormones in this section are also showing a downward trend.

Cougars have strong sexual desires in addition to body hormones, and on the other hand, psychological reasons. Very simple, if someone tells you that you can't make love tomorrow, what do you feel? Cougars are in the midst of a transition to late sexual transition. They are worried that they will not be able to enjoy cougar hook up dating very well at the last stage. Therefore, they will try their best to experience a good cougar hook up dating life during the mid-sex time.

On the other hand, when the age of cougars is over 50, even if they want to have cougar hook up dating, it is difficult to find a young man who likes them on the older women dating  website. Even if a woman who is 50 years old looks good again, her attraction will be worse than before. No decent young man is willing to cougar hook up dating with a coveted sugar momma.

For the above reasons, cougars will enjoy the joy of sex at their peak. Once this period has passed, they know that they are not as attractive as men. They don't want to regret themselves in the future, so they try to enjoy older women dating as much as possible with young men. At this stage only young men can satisfy their strong desires.

These reasons fully explain why cougars have a strong sexual desire in the middle of sex and why they need more young men to satisfy them.


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