Why Do Cougars Like Young Men?

Most of the general relationships are males older than women. But in cougar dating, women are generally older than men. Why aren't they dating men who are about the same age? Mainly because dating people who are about the same age or older will not make them feel younger. It seems that dating with the same age people is reminding them that they have already been old. And men of the same age or older men have no passion and creativity, and can't bring sugar momma freshness. And they are also more economically motivated and rarely tempted by money. Therefore, most sugar momma choose young men to date. There are several reasons why they choose to cougar hook up dating with young men:

1: Younger men are more romantic

Indeed, think about how we fell in love with each other when we were 20 years old. At that time, we were passionate. Full of desire and awe in love. We are carefully prepared everything surprising for our lovers to make our girlfriend happier. Sugar momma don't have time to do these things. They are busy with work and busy with socializing. Romance has ceased to exist for them. Although sugar momma are old, they still long for romance. They are eager to get something meaningful from their cougar hook up dating partner to surprise them, and so on.

2: Young men are more energetic

Dating with a young man will make them feel their energy. Their attitude towards things will also deeply affect the older women. There is a kind of unyielding strength in the young man. They like this kind of strength because they sometimes have to think about life. They envied their incalculable and envied their willfulness. This is what they don't have.

3: Young men are more creative

Young men can think of many novel ideas when cougar dating. What they do usually surprises the sugar momma. For example, when you are dating, the ordinary person will say that going to the movies, going to dinner, etc. Which are very common things. But young people will take sugar momma to bungee jumping, gambling, rock climbing and so on. These activities are activities that they are hard to have as a family woman. The creativity of young people can always surprise them. They like surprises.

4: Young people's sexual life is longer

Compared with older men, younger men are more endurable than they are when making love. Sugar momma go online to find young men mainly to satisfy their strong cougar hook up dating desire. After all, their husbands are no longer young, so they have a little power during their sexual life, and their endurance has not lasted. In order to have a higher quality cougar hook up dating partner, they came to the older women dating website to find their suitable older women dating partner.


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